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AH YES. by FluffyFox79 AH YES. :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 1 2 What Am I Doing With My Life by FluffyFox79 What Am I Doing With My Life :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 0 2 Idfk have a title or sum shitttt by FluffyFox79 Idfk have a title or sum shitttt :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 1 0 Have this cat by FluffyFox79 Have this cat :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 2 3 50. Haunted by FluffyFox79 50. Haunted :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 1 8 Why by FluffyFox79 Why :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 0 4
The Ripple Effect
She was never really sure how it got to it, her distrust of men was known to people. She couldn't get along with her friend's boyfriend, the guy at the hospital that was hired as her pfysical therapist and most certainly not male strangers so it probably shouldn't have shocked her this much.
After an abnormally testing therapy session, she had a hard time gathering herself together and stay put.
Suddenly the way that her best friend move became a mystery that had to be studied in detail, the way she laughed became a necessary pitch in the symphony of everyday life and the determination that cast upon her face in difficult times started being the sorce of her own determination.
That was the day the hardship of confusion would start for our freak of society.
"I feel like getting chineese today" A simple statement that had the brunette forced out of her confused thoughts and newly aquired feelings.
"What? Sorry, I wasn't listenin'" The brunette avioded the gaze of her asian friend, a gaze
:iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 0 5
A waterMelon basking in the light of a legend
The moonlight created visible outlines on the dark rocks of the cavefloor and it made the huge booming waterfall shine like a humongous crystal in the night. The pool of water before the waterfall was like a giant mirror, reflecting the huge moon that covered the entire hole in the cave's roof and sending even more light around in the cavern.
Disturbing this peaceful setting was a trainer, standing a couple of meters away from the pool with a huge Steelix right behind her. The steelix was slightly adding to the beauty of the room, moonlight shining on his metal body as well.
The Steelix was throwing a shadow over his trainer with its wide head, making her seem a dark presence that didn't belong in this area.
The pupils of the female trainer dilated, taking in the beautiful scenery.
"Why have you come here, human of the name Melon?"
The sudden telepathy had Melon taken aback for a minute before she got a tiny red ball out of her bag, pressing a button made it enlarged to its fu
:iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 1 3
83. Bad Hair Day by FluffyFox79 83. Bad Hair Day :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 2 52
6. Into The Night
Zatro's condition was slowly getting worse.
She was only awake a couple of hours at a time and during that time she tried to raise her hands to claw at her chest.
The faintest of light shone in her soul, there was time but not much...
A new face could be seen in death city, a completely new face that drew people in with his almost turquoise eyes and strange feline companion.
Whispers surrounded them wherever they went until they arrived at Death city Hospital, the figure walked over to the reception desk and started speaking.
"Where can I find Zatro?"
In the hospital bed Zatro tried yet again to shout at someone to shut that fucking lamp off, her vocal cords simply couldn't handle any strain and because of that she was kept silent.
Footsteps were heard and the light was turned off, leaving the room in a comfy shade.
Zatro was about to turn her head to thank whatever God had shut that light when she felt a light weight on her chest.
A wheeze escaped the injured female before she realize
:iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 1 4
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Mature content
42. Lights and Sounds :iconfluffyfox79:FluffyFox79 2 8
My gallery with pretty and unpretty pictures
and fanfics


Hey guys! I want to do a series of videos where I review various forms of entertainment such as video games, anime, cartoons, and more! I also want to make videos about me talking about some things on my mind relating to those things, like recent news or something!
I put this in various tags so you can get an idea of what things I like! Don’t worry, I’ll talk about other stuff too! Probably more than these actual things in my intro because they’ve ENDED!
Please check it out, and if you want to show your support and see more content, then leave a like and subscribe!
(I don’t like getting in front of the camera recording but I’ll still do it)
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FireRed Kick@$$ Mode Ep.20-4 by YinDragon FireRed Kick@$$ Mode Ep.20-4 :iconyindragon:YinDragon 388 148 Cross Out [Pokemon X blind nuzlocke] page 11 by Protocol00 Cross Out [Pokemon X blind nuzlocke] page 11 :iconprotocol00:Protocol00 497 117 Welcome To Treasure Town! by SkyJukebox Welcome To Treasure Town! :iconskyjukebox:SkyJukebox 237 33
Calmly asking for assistance
I need to get back into writing but I need motivation of some kind.
Comment, favourite this, anything, so I can gauge how many people actually read my things. Like, I'm not asking you if you read everything I upload and comment on it all, I just need to know that at least some people glance at my stuff occasionally. Not much use of a DA with no-one looking.
:iconincloakingshadows:InCloakingShadows 4 6
Karezi 61 by Night-of-Void Karezi 61 :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 117 3 First Kiss by Night-of-Void First Kiss :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 123 6 underworldstuck 4 by Night-of-Void underworldstuck 4 :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 81 10 kk dragon 4 by Night-of-Void kk dragon 4 :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 182 12 Valentines by Night-of-Void Valentines :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 189 18 Karezi 60 by Night-of-Void Karezi 60 :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 206 10 Dynamic by Night-of-Void Dynamic :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 102 5 island girls and space dogs by Night-of-Void island girls and space dogs :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 52 3 Karezi noir by Night-of-Void Karezi noir :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 141 11 dragon kk by Night-of-Void dragon kk :iconnight-of-void:Night-of-Void 162 18 Tsubaki (Bleach) by Kibaboy4 Tsubaki (Bleach) :iconkibaboy4:Kibaboy4 4 7


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Copied from Maryenne042
Someone has been hacking into people's profiles and deactivating their accounts. However, if they see that you have this journal on your page they will know you know whats going on and they will ignore you and move onto someone in your friends list! Repost this for your safety, and make sure your friends are safe too!
Now this is probably something that one won't care about, but I do because I want to stay with you guys.
I know there's been a lot recent people hacking in here, so I want y'all to watch your backs because this guy hacks you with no warning. Again, watch your backs because you never know when they're gonna strike.


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I'm just a normal nice,hottempered,shorttempered,candyliking, anime/manga liking teenager...
But I've got a fluffy dogtail and dogears!
Do I scare you? SO SORRY ;(
NOT! >8C

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Oh by the way I'm a Tsukkomi (angry guy appearently)

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Favourite cartoon character: does soul eater count?Cus if then Maka and Soul would be my choise
Personal Quote: GET INTO THE FAILBOX!!!


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